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CECOS Group awarded $3.8M project at US Coast Guard Fort Macon, NC

Updated: May 16, 2023

Location: US Coast Guard Sector Field Office Fort Macon in Atlantic Beach, NC

USCG: 70Z08321RPAC05100 / Subcontract Number: 2021-004

Type of Contract: Subcontractor; Firm Fixed Price

Agency: U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit - Cleveland

Subcontract Amount: $3,853,338.97

Contract Description: Major Waterfront Repairs

Perimeter Security Fencing: Demolish existing security fence and wall. Site work to remove debris, regrade area, install geotextile filter fabric, and place NCDOT Class 1 rip rap. Install FRP composite sheet piling for new security perimeter wall, and new chain link fence.

Revetment: Remove, dispose of, and replace with new articulated concrete block (ACB) mattresses. Remove sand from existing ACB mats. Finish grade earthen slopes (3:1), install geotextile fabric, install 4” GEOGRID and fill geogrid with #57 limestone, crane set new ACB mattresses, pour in place concrete keyway on top side of new ACB mats.

Perform select demolition of existing concrete bulkhead caps at North and South bulkheads. Install/drive FRP composite sheet piling fascia. Place structural fill behind new FRP sheet piling. Form and pour new concrete reinforced bulkhead caps.

Remove and dispose of three existing concrete floating docks (phased construction to allow USCG vessels to remain operational). Replace with three new concrete floating docks, new Russel Stoll electrical shore power pedestals and new Bender Marina Guard marine electrical main service panel, and husbandry services.

Remove and replace multiple steel pile dolphin clusters (3 pile and 7 pile clusters), wrap with galvanized cable, and install aluminum pile caps.

Select demolition deep concrete spalls on vessel travel lift/haul out. Complete deep concrete spall repairs and perform third party concrete pull testing.

Demolish existing cast in place concrete breakwater cap. Install new FRP composite sheet piling fascia. Place structural fill behind FRP sheet piling. Form and pour in place new concrete breakwater cap.

Demolish existing timber dock. Install 13” FRP vertical fender pilings, install FRP chocks, blocks, and walers. Install FRP dock panels, install composite fender panels fastened to vertical fender pilings, install 16”x60’ FRP camel fenders and concrete anchors.

Repair existing revetment sinkhole. Excavate and dispose of broken ACB blocks, install geotextile fabric, install 4” geogrid, fill geogrid with #57 limestone, backfill, grade, and install new articulated concrete block (ACB) mattresses.

Repair existing weephole wash out at south groin sheet pile bulkhead wall. Excavate, line excavation with geotextile and pour in place marine grade concrete.

All Work completed 30 days ahead of schedule.

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