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CECOS Awarded $1.3M Contract for Waterfront Repairs at U. S. Coast Guard Station Sand Key, FL

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Project Title: Major M&R Repairs for Waterfront Bulkhead, Pier, & Floating Dock

Location: USCG Station Sand Key, Florida

Contract Number: 70Z08221CPMV07300

Type of Contract: Prime Contractor; Firm Fixed Price

Agency: U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit - Miami

Contract Amount:$1,416,008.68

Contract Description:

Repair Pier. Remove and replace dilapidated pier superstructure consisting of stringers, decking, and utility hangers. Replace deteriorated and damaged concrete pier pile bent caps. Removalof damaged finger pier and temporary pier platform for construction of new 50’ concrete floating dock. Installation/driving of new steel pipe piles to securefloating dock.

Demolish existing concrete bulkhead cap, form and pour-in- place 5000 PSI marine concrete bulkhead cap to include tie back rods.

Repair existing south gangway floating dock landing.Remove existing aluminum gangway, remove deteriorated and damaged gangway landing and replace with stronger four-pile landing and decking.Reinstall aluminum gangway .

Replace gasoline marine fueling facility. Remove deteriorated gasoline dispenser and install new gasoline dispenser, leak detection system, emergency fuel shut off system and fuel piping. Perform third party gasoline fuel system testing. Provide.

Replace dieselmarine fueling facility.Remove deteriorated diesel dispenser and replace with new diesel dispenser, leak detection system, emergency fuel shut off system and fuel piping. Perform third party diesel fuel system testing. Provide user training.

Remove and replace pier electrical power distribution systems.

Remove and replace pier telephone and telecommunications systems and cabling.

Update the Spill, Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan.

Replace pier exterior lighting and install lightning protection system.

Remove and replace existing fire safety systems and NEMA 4X containment.

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