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CECOS Awarded Prime Contract for Waterfront Repairs at USCG Station Ft Pierce, FL

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Project Title: WaterfrontRepairs

Location: USCG Station Fort Pierce, FL

Contract Number: 70Z08210CPMV08300

Type of Contract: PrimeContractor; Firm Fixed Price

Agency: U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit - Miami

Contract Amount: $485,207

Contract Description: Install anti-chaffing blocks on existing concrete bulkhead as buffer between new foam filled fender systems and concrete bulkhead wall. Install 5’x8’ elliptical foam filled fenders systems (non- marking grey) to East and South concrete bulkheads with associated stainless steel hardware. Replace existing 2”x6” timber whale and hardware, remove and replace horizontal 2”x6” timber fender planks attached to timber fender piles, correct listing floating dock by installing floatation tubs using in-house divers. Remove and replace existing side pile guide systems, remove and replace existing concrete pile guide rollers, install concrete pile jacket systems, install galvanized dolphin pile cluster wrap, cast in place hydrophobic concrete in rip rap seawall voids, repair concrete crack type CR1, repair concrete crack type CR2, repair concrete spall type SP1, repair concrete spall type SP2, and repair concrete spall type SP3.

Clean and coat existing 18” mooring cleats, install new 18” steel cleats, hardware and coat, removeand dispose of existing timber whale, pile caps, anchors, and install new 8”x12” timber fender system with galvanized bottom angle and stainless steel anchors.

Work completed six weeks ahead of schedule.

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